PDF to X is an all-in-one converter that integrated with all our other PDF converters. To know the detailed usage, just read the documentation of our other converters as below:

PDF to DOC Documentation
PDF to JPG Documentation
PDF to HTML Documentation
PDF to Text Documentation
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, 32 & 64-bit both.
Just run the setup file (pdf-to-x.exe) from the downloaded .zip package.
Run 'Uninstall PDF to X' on the related Start Menu folder or open 'Add/Remove Programs' in Control Panel and double-click 'PDF to X #.#' in the list box.
If you have paid the license fee, you will get the license key INSTANTLY via email!
Please click Input license key... menu item under <License> button License Button to input or paste the license key EXACTLY as shown in your license email.
Note: if registered successfully, you can find your license information on the "About PDF to X" interface.

Lost the license key? Don't worry. It's easy to retrieve your license key of PDF to X. Just click Lost license key? menu item under <License> button License Button.
1. Download the latest version of this product from our official website automatically if the new version is available.
2. Exit program automatically.
3. Install the latest version of this product manually (do NOT need to uninstall first, just reinstall it).

1. Synopsis

PTX -D/J/T/H sub-parameters
PTX -?
PTX -v

2. Arguments

-v Shows PTX's CLI information, version number, copyright and license information.

-? Shows help.

Required. Specifies which sub CLI you want to call: -D calls PDF to DOC's CLI, -J calls PDF to JPG's CLI, -T calls PDF to Text's CLI, -H calls PDF to HTML's CLI.
Please note that it must be the first parameter in PTX's CLI, and must be -D, -J, -T, or -H (case sensitive).
E.g. PTX -D ...

Required. Specifies other parameters for the called sub CLI.
To know more details about them, please read the documentations of PDF to DOC's CLI, PDF to JPG's CLI, PDF to Text's CLI and PDF to HTML's CLI.
Please note that the -? and -v parameters of the sub CLIs are invalid when you call PTX's CLI, just use them in PTX's CLI directly.

3. Usage

a. Manual:
1) press <Win+R>, type "cmd" and press <Enter> to open the DOS command window.
2) change current path to PDF to X's program folder by using "cd" command (may need to change current drive first). Right-click PDF to X's shortcut icon and click "Properties" menu item, you will find the path in [Start in] field.
3) Now you can simply type "ptx -..." to use PTX' CLI.

b. Use PTX's CLI in Your Own Application/Script/BAT on Your Licensed PCs:
First, need to install PTX on your licensed PCs, and then simply use the Shell function (or other similar functions) to do it.
This is VB.NET sample code (in VB.NET, two " indicate one actual "), FYI:
Shell("""C:\Users\AA\AppData\Roaming\PDF Helper\PDF to X\PTX"" -D ...", AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)

c. Deploy PTX's CLI with Your Application/Script/BAT Outside the Scope of Your Licensed PCs:
In this case, do NOT need to install PTX on the PCs that you want to deploy to. And you should purchase PDF to X Redistributable CLI, click here to know more details.
Once bought, just deploy the received files under your application or any other place as you need, and then you will have the ability to use it like this (VB.NET code):
Shell("D:\MyApp\PTX\PTX -J ...", AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)
For Windows Download PDF to X v19.1, 3.67 MB Download