>>>>>> 命令行接口(CLI)文档 <<<<<<

Right 保护您的隐私和数据安全(在线转换器需要上传)。
Right 批量转换 PDF。
Right 快速选择来源:只需拖放文件即可。
Right 无需下载,将结果直接存储在本地PC中。
Right 便捷的转换器:随时运行,即使没有网络也能工作。
Right 支持命令行接口(CLI):如果您擅长编程,则可以提高生产率。
Right 支持系统级上下文菜单。
Right 合理且负担得起的许可费,并享受免费的终身支持。
Right 直观、实用、紧凑的界面,正宗且熟悉的 PDF 红
Right 100% 纯净:无广告、无捆绑软件、无病毒、无间谍软件,只为更好。
PDF to Text 用来以批量方式快速转换 PDF 文档为纯文本文件。不必安装 Adobe Acrobat 或 Adobe Reader 即可工作,且拥有命令行接口(CLI)、快速而精确的转换能力、友好的图形用户界面(GUI)、小巧等特点。

它会在输出文本文件中保留 PDF 文件的原始文本、格式及布局(尽可能多地)。

此外,支持转换有所限制的 PDF 文件,例如不允许拷贝内容及保存为文本的 PDF。

如果您打算让您的文档管理系统支持 PDF 查询或提取 PDF 文件中的文字,本产品将会很有用。
QuoteI found in your PDF to TXT program something that others have not. A faithful conversion of a PDF file For example I have a file with two columns of text (journal type), and the conversion he kept the two columns. That's great! - By Paulo Neto (BR)
QuoteGreat another converter, just what I needed to add to my collection. - By fatherted
QuoteInstalled and registered without problems on a Win 10 Pro 64-bit system. A small interface opens, you can choose several languages, add a PDF and convert this. In a single column, text does what it claims, it does what it claims also in a multi column text. A small utility for a quick PDF to TXT conversion in simple PDF structures, a useful little helper. - By Karl
QuoteThis is a great little program and does what it claims. Editing in text is now simple and from this stage conversion to your favour format is endless. This is a keeper. - By gerrymar
QuoteInteresting software, thanks! - By nameshaker
QuoteThis PDF converter is one that actually works well. The box to drop PDF files into is easy to use, too. The default destination for the converted TXT files is exactly where you had the PDF files. You can also change the destination easily if desired. There is no reason NOT to get this GEM for your tool box. It simply WORKS. Finally we have one to use. - By David Roper
QuoteAccurate and fast converter. Appreciate this software, thank you very much. - By wyndham
QuoteInstalled on Windows 7 machine. Registered fine with no problems. Tested on a multi-page text only pdf. Was amazingly fast and opened in notepad. I often have need of portions of articles for research. Nice little program. - By Dr F
Kickit (US)
Telemedico srl (IT)
August Faller GmbH & Co. KG (DE)
Espy Case Solutions, LLC (US)
Landguth Heimtiernahrung GmbH (DE)
On line snc di P. Fulco e M. Lombardo (IT)
Online Consulting, Inc. (US)
Lemeztechnika Kft. (HU)
Business Report Card (US)
Datascan (US)
DataBase Solutions Inc. (US)
Gateway Psychology Ltd (GB)
Moser Media+Informatik GmbH (DE)
Certified AC Services (US)
Citizens State Bank. (US)
Innocap (CA)
Advise Technologies (US)
Boston Scientific Corporation (US)
L.g.p. Doene B.V. (NL)
LinetSystem (US) 4 You Media Ltd (GB) Broussard Financial Consulting Group (US) MacLeod Leather and Crafts (US) Head Start Solutions Limited (NZ)
Falkstenen AB Moi Fioktelepe (HU) Carey's Computer Creations (sm) (US)
Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 7 100% Clean!
发布 / 更新日期
新功能 / 改进 Bugs 修复
  • 重要(I):大幅优化代码以提高转换效率。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • 重要(I):滚动垂直/水平滚动条时,依附于选中行的“打开 PDF/结果”按钮位置会发生严重错乱。
  • 若用户电脑使用非公历(如佛历、伊斯兰历等),则可能出现有效许可证被判定为已过期的情况。
  • 启动程序后即让<添加 PDF...>按钮获得焦点,更友好。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • 重要(I):调整主窗口大小时,选中行关联的控件可能会错位。
  • I:极少数电脑上会出现盗版误报的情况。
  • 重要(I):大幅提升转换速度。
  • I:能按【大小】列精确排序。
  • I:大幅提升各界面的打开速度。
  • 能在系统“程序及功能”列表中显示产品徽标。
  • 优化土耳其语文本。
  • 优化官网。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • I:批量添加/移除 PDF 文件时列表不再闪烁。
  • 重要(I):能显示转换进度,之前的版本仅提示“正在转换,请稍候...”。
  • I:能在已排序的列标题上显示上/下箭头。
  • 能通过上下文菜单打开 PDF 位置。
  • 能通过上下文菜单打开输出位置。
  • 重要(I):主界面支持调整大小。
  • 优化自助服务——“许可证密钥丢失?”。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • I:卸载后没有完全删除系统上下文菜单。
  • 重要(I):能处理任何语言的 Unicode PDF 路径/文件名、输出路径,如北印度文、韩文、俄文等。之前的版本只能处理纯 ASCII 文件名/路径及您本地语言的 Unicode 字符,其中处理本地语言还需要将系统“区域设置”设为您的本地语言。
  • 优化主列表数据读写算法。
  • 发现新版本并选择查看更新后,能直接展开更新记录(以往只是跳到该段落,但需要手动展开)。
  • 移除安装程序中的“添加到快速启动栏”选项,因为从 Windows Vista 开始,该选项已无意义。
  • I:可能在许可证密钥验证完成前就调用 CLI,这会导致已授权拷贝在 CLI 下被判定为试用版。
  • 优化许可证验证模块。
  • 内部性能调优。
  • 重要:改变列宽时,查看文件图标未随相应列移动。
  • 重要(I):转换完成后播放声音并可设置您喜爱的声音。
  • I:若自定义输出目录不存在,可自动建立。
  • I:界面优化:更整洁及统一。
  • I:优化所有 16 种语言的文本。
  • 添加“更新历史”功能到“帮助”菜单。
  • 使右上角三个图片按钮的图标居中对齐。
  • 能显示简体中文及繁体中文的升级记录。
  • 内部性能调优。
Jan 21, 2019

Download This Version
  • Important (I): supports system level context menu.
  • I: fully supports native ไทย.
  • Uses the exact Golden Ratio for the size of main interface.
  • Optimized "Request support..." related features.
  • Can remove the whole PTT program folder after uninstalled it.
  • Changed "Get/retrieve your license (free)" menu item to "Lost license key?" to eliminate ambiguity.
  • Changed "Microsoft Internet Explorer" string to "Microsoft Web Browser", because Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge, for consistency, now calls them as "Microsoft Web Browser".
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
Aug 18, 2017

Download This Version
  • Important (I): fully supports native Slovenščina.
  • I: no longer ask you to view the result(s) if there is no any successful conversion.
  • Optimized the Redistributable CLI.
  • Optimized the appearance of help menu.
  • Optimized software texts.
  • I: if you use non-English OS, you MAY see the unreadable no-English texts when install it.
  • I: in a few languages, click "Help -> Command line interface" menu item will go to the non-existent CLI documentation segment.
  • Fixed a little text errors for JA, KO and NL languages.
Jan 22, 2017

Download This Version
  • Important: can remember the output settings.
  • Important: you can add PDF files by double-click blank area of the listbox, it's a new friendlier design.
  • Important: added the icons to the context menu of the listbox.
  • Added the "Video tutorial" menu item to the "Help" button.
  • Optimized official webpages.
  • Uses the special purchase page for PTT, simpler and clearer.
  • Important: if the characters count of PDF' text is less than 800, you MAY get an error message during converting (but it's successfully converted to text).
  • In the trial version, when you click <Convert all> button, it will show the limitation and ask you buy a license, but if you clicked <Cancel> on the prompt dialog box, it will do converting still.
Oct 08, 2016
  • Added the "Information" icon to the "About..." interfaces of CLI and Redistributable CLI, made it friendlier.
  • Optimized the appearance of the main interface - no longer displays the surplus blank.
  • Optimized the "view output/PDF" icons (their locations are lower than others in the previous versions).
  • Optimized the official website.
  • Optimized the -? argument for CLI: points to the really existing segment of the help document.
  • Optimized the installer, simplified the installed steps.
  • Changed the trial limitation from "16 days" to "800 characters".
  • Fixed a latent bug - pressing <Enter> on the system dialog boxes may open the selected PDF file.
May 22, 2016
  • Important: the list or main interface supports sorting data.
  • Important: fully supports native 日本語.
  • Important: fully supports native 한국어.
  • Optimized the English texts of software (interfaces and message boxes), especially, standardized the initial capital.
  • Added the proper icon to all system message boxes, and all of these message boxes support pressing <Esc> to close.
  • Optimized some texts for Italiano and Deutsch languages.
  • Optimized the web pages of PDF to Text.
  • Important: if you selected Español language during installing, the interface will become 繁體中文 when first run.
May 22, 2016
  • Important: fully supports native Русский.
  • Important: fully supports native Nederlands.
  • Important: uses the Segoe UI font which is used in Vista ~ Win10 and highly recommended by Microsoft for all interfaces, makes PTT to be more beautiful and friendlier greatly.
  • Optimized the color of license type and "license to..." labels for about interface.
  • Changed the splitter color from black to gray for about interface to make it friendlier.
  • Changed the format of all screenshots on the website from GIF to PNG, in order to let you see the original and most clear appearance of the product.
  • Optimized the text format of license agreement for installer, let it to be easier to read.
  • No longer uses the bold texts on the main interface, replaced them as colorful texts, more readable.
Apr 01, 2016
  • Important: fully supports native Español.
  • The [Size] column supports comma style.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • Closed the automatic new version checking feature of PTT Redistributable CLI, in order to avoid the confusing for your end users.
  • Optimized the "request remote support" feature - links to company site directly, in order to avoid clicking the mouse twice and jumping the page again.
  • Use the new company logo on the "About..." interface.
  • Optimized some texts for current 9 languages.
  • Changed Français (France) to Français. Because it is the standard Français, usually do not need to specify the country.
Dec 15, 2015
  • Important: fully supports native Italiano.
  • Fixed a little text errors in license agreement of the installer.
  • Fixed a little errors of Français (France) and Magyar texts.
Oct 07, 2015
  • Important: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller").
  • Optimized two English texts.
Sep 09, 2015
  • Important: supports Windows 10.
  • Important: fully supports Türkçe.
  • Optimized some Deutsch texts.
  • Optimized a Traditional Chinese text.
  • Press <Enter> on system dialog boxes will open the selected PDF file in the list.
  • The texts of Traditional Chinese installer are too small in Windows 10.
Aug 17, 2015
  • Important: fully supports Deutsch.
Aug 16, 2015
  • Important: fully supports native Français (France).
  • Optimized one Traditional Chinese language item.
Aug 07, 2015
  • Important: fully supports native Magyar.
  • Optimized English and Português (Brasil) texts.
  • Optimized the user interfaces: unified font name and size, adjusted the size and location of some controls.
  • Uses balloon tooltips.
  • Added company logo to the "About..." interface, and links to company homepage.
  • The right border of "Output path" is covered.
  • In the extreme case, the language choosing menu may cause a serious internal error.
Jul 20, 2015
  • Important: supports Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Important: supports multi-language.
  • Important: fully supports native Portuguese (Brazil), 简体中文 and 繁體中文.
  • Important: now the installer supports multi-language also, and let you choose when install. Even, PTT can directly use the language that selected during installing.
  • Important: uses Golden Ratio for the main interface and its start position.
  • Important: supports shortcut keys for all operations on the main interface.
  • Supports to open the selected PDF by pressing <Enter> key.
  • Moved all actions which need to run the default eMail client to the online webpages, in order to avoid the confusion if who has not a default eMail client.
  • Optimized the source code to improve efficiency.
  • Shortened the executable file name ("PDF to Text.exe") as "PTT.exe", in order to facilitate Command Line call.
  • Optimized the location of the drop-down menus on the main interface.
  • Allows you to run multiple instances.
  • Optimized the user interface.
  • Open translation interface for multi-language version.
  • Published as shareware (because now supports Command Line Interface (CLI)).
  • Important: this function cannot work: double-click an item to open the corresponding PDF file.
Aug 15, 2013
  • Supports Unicode filename and path.
Nov 24, 2012
  • Published as freeware.
  • Supports to drag and drop PDF files to the listing.
  • Do not quit adding when selected a duplicate PDF file, just skip it.
Aug 12, 2012
  • Supports converting the PDF files that have some restrictions, such as "Content Copying", "Saving as Text", "Page Extraction" are not allowed.
Feb 22, 2012
  • Supports viewing the output plain text files directly after converted.
Oct 10, 2011
  • Supports opening the original PDF files in the list.
  • Gives prompt if there are converted files.
Mar 29, 2011
  • Supports customizing the output path.
Nov 05, 2010
  • Adds <Open Result> button to the selected item if it has already been converted.
Jun 08, 2010
  • New release.


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我正在使用 PDF 转换文本软件,它用来以批量方式快速转换 PDF 文档为纯文本文件。不必安装 Adobe Acrobat 或 Adobe Reader 即可工作,且拥有命令行接口(CLI)、快速而精确的转换能力、友好的图形用户界面(GUI)、小巧等特点。


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