How to convert from PDF to Notepad text file/document on Windows?

Do you want to find, copy or index the texts of your PDF documents? If so, you should convert from PDF to Notepad format first.

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Cumbersome Method
1. Browse in File Explorer and double-click your PDF file to open it.
2. Press <Ctrl+A> to select all texts.
3. Press <Ctrl+C> to copy out the selection.
4. Run Microsoft Notepad program (press <Win+R> -->> type "notepad" -->> press <Enter>).
5. Press <Ctrl+V> to paste the copied texts.
6. Save all texts as the .txt file in Notepad (click "File -> Save" or press <Ctrl+S> -->> target to the appropriate directory -->> input a filename -->> click <Save> button or just press <Enter>). You may need to use original PDF filename for Notepad file, then you need to do the following extra actions:
   1) Open Microsoft File Explorer and enter the PDF containing folder.
   2) Select PDF file, and Press <F2> to rename it.
   3) Press <Ctrl+C> to copy PDF filename without extension.
   4) Press <Alt+Tab> to switch to the Notepad application.
   5) Press <Ctrl+V> to paste the filename to MS Notepad's "Save As" box.

Above operations are just for converting / turning ONE PDF into editable text file. If you need to parse 200 PDF documents, it's a very insipid job, and will spend you a lot of time.

More Seriously
  • A few PDF docs may have copying limitation, in this case, even you want to spend the time, but it is powerless to finish that.
  • You may be unable to retain original format and layout of the PDF file by copying text.
Now, I will guide you to finish this work, just simply, quickly and accurately:
Simple, Quick and Accurate Way
Step 1: first, you need to download the PDF to notepad converter:

For Windows Get PDF to Notepad Converter Download

Step 2: click <Add PDF files...> button to add the PDFs which you want to turn / convert to editable text documents, or just drag-and-drop them to the blank listbox.

Step 3: click the biggest <Convert all> button, and waiting for done.

In short, just drag-and-drop and click a button! It's very simple and quick. The results look like:

Parsing Results
Screenshot: turn / convert from PDF into editable text file.

I think it's a magic software - I converted these 12 PDF files in only four seconds! If you want to enjoy it, just download this PDF to Text Converter at:

For Windows Get PDF to Notepad Text File / Document Converter Download

BTW, to know how to convert pdf to WordPad file, please try PDF to WordPad converter.
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